January 25, 2016


Every time we add a “twist” to the gameplay of Auralux: Constellations, we want to make sure it feels unique and different. Some of those twists act like the Supernovas we described earlier. They appear as a new object on the map, which the player can attack and capture for his or her own advantage. But not every new constellation will act like that! We also wanted to include some more passive, background elements to the maps, which we refer to as “terrain”. These are areas of the map that affect nearby units, warping the strategic landscape in some interesting way.

One of the new terrain types (and the defining feature of one constellation) is “Minefield” terrain. When your units move across Minefields, they’ll have a certain chance of being destroyed every beat.

Crossing a Minefield will destroy a portion of your units, but sometimes it’s a worthwhile shortcut. In some levels, there will be valuable suns that are completely surrounded by Minefields. These can be easy to defend, but costly to initially capture. It can be tricky to figure out when the Minefield is worth crossing!

The Minefields won’t stick around forever, though. As units get destroyed, the minefield will start to disappear. After a while, gaps will appear in the minefield, allowing units to pass through freely. This ensures that the defensive bias will diminish over time, opening the way for more typically aggressive strategies.


Minefields are conceptually very simple, but they can twist your tactics in interesting ways. This was the goal for our new constellations. These new levels feel markedly different from the “vanilla” Auralux gameplay, changing the strategic dynamic without making the game feel overly complicated.

Auralux: Constellations is trying to get through Steam Greenlight right now, so go give it a vote! We’ll be talking about a lot more constellations in the future, so stay tuned via Twitter, Facebook, or this blog.

13 thoughts on “Minefields

  1. I-tried-the-new-demo-and-it-just-crashes-on-opening-it-on-my-Win7-pc.

  2. Hi there, I’m a real fan of Auralux. Many of my friends also loved this gorgeous game, though we are in China. The game experience is amazing in the original version. We really look forward to experiencing the new version ‘Constellations’ on our iOS and Android phones. Thanks for your good job on this game, and best wishes.

  3. Well it’s Mar 10th and the PC demo still isn’t working on my Win7 Pro PC.
    And yes, I re-downloaded the DEMO to make sure I had the latest one.
    I hope you guys get it fixed soon, I bought the first game and really want this one too.


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