Help Auralux get on Steam

January 5, 2016


We have submitted Auralux: Constellations to Steam Greenlight and need your help to get on Steam. If you have a Steam account please visit our link and Vote.


9 thoughts on “Help Auralux get on Steam

  1. Auralux(Android)s Achievement [Strategic Conquest]
    >>Complete a game in which one enemy completely finished off the other

    I don’t really know what that means.
    Or it can not be unlocked because of the bug.
    Please tell us in the other explanation.

    1. This means that you cannot destroy one of the enemies suns. For example, you can fight with green, but then don’t fight at all with red and let green destroy red. Its okay if some of your dots collide with red, but you cannot destroy a red sun for this achievement to work.

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    1. We’re sorry you are having trouble with the demo. We knew it would not work perfectly for everyone. The full PC version will be released very soon with all of these issues fixed.

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